English Page

This page is for English speaking Cerocers. We have had so many enquiries, that you are getting your very own page!  Feel free to phone or email us, or look at this site regularly for updates…

For all information about Ceroc in the UK, please go to www.ceroc.com

Since June 2005 Ceroc France has developed regular classes, workshops and weekend festivals in France.  We run classes from September to June only, not in July and August.

We also run weekenders in the south of France !
Beautiful holiday club with swimming pool, close to the beach.
Ceroc teachers from the UK and France will entertain you from Friday night to Sunday night with 2 whole days of classes and 3 freestyles in 2 rooms + lots lots more!
Info: isabelle@cerocfrance.com

Ceroc Spring Weekender in France

Venues in France: open from September to June

Every Monday 8:30pm-11pm, normal Ceroc format (Beginners + Intermediate + Freestyle)  + workshops

This class is suspended until further notice.

Every Monday 8pm-10:30pm, normal Ceroc format (Beginners + Intermediate + Freestyle)  + workshops

Currently building a community with a view to opening in September 2023 – FREE BEGINNER CLASSES on Sundays until June 2023.

Compiègne (near Paris)
Mondays and  Thursdays 8pm-midnight, normal Ceroc format (Beginners + Intermediate + Freestyle)  + workshops. Contact:  06 77 79 77 44 cerocoise@gmail.com


We are currently looking for regular teachers anywhere in France. Any help you can give us is welcome. There are already groups of Cerocers meeting up regularly, join them on the facebook groups « Ceroc Provence », « Ceroc Paris », « Ceroc Montpellier », « Ceroc Toulouse », « Ceroc Riviera » and « Ceroc Lyon ».

If you have been Cerocing for several years and now live in France (or are planning to) this may be just the job for you!  (You need to speak fluent French)

…Start telling your friends and get ready to Dance in France !

No classes in July-August

From September: normal Ceroc format (2 classes + freestyle) weekdays
+ Saturday night Freestyles
+ Sunday afternoon Freestyles
+ Workshops

Make a weekend of it!

We also run workshops with guest teachers from the UK

Guests Teachers

Frank Pauly all the way from Scotland, was in Marseille on 22-23 September 2007 to teach 4 workshops in french over a weekend.  A great success, and he came back on 4-5 October 2008.

Ann Purcell and Paul Dodds, franchisees and Ceroc Teachers in Newcastle (England) ….did a brilliant job on 3rd and 4th April 2007, teaching 2 classes (in French !) for the delight of our Cerocers here.  Ann is an excellent and entertaining teacher and nothing was lost in translation!

Herbie Bastien was in Marseille in September 2009 for demonstrations, on 7th November 2009 and in January 2012 to teach Baby Aerials workshops. In April 2017 he taught a seducers workshop in paris.

Veronika Oliver and Craig Addison were here on 12th and 13th February 2010 to teach the Friday night class and 2 workshops on the Saturday (Blues and funky style) in english.  Veronika came back to teach at our annual CEROC SPRING weekender in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Carl Adams (smooth west coast style / slotted moves) – 9th-11th APRIL 2010 – Friday night class and 2 workshops in english on the  Sunday.

John Sweeney (Double Trouble) – 15th May 2011 – 2 fantastic workshops in english.

Jamie Storey  (Funky style) November 2011

Steve Lampert  (sexy moves and Blues)  December 2011

Richard Beauvoisin et Zoe April 2012

Tim Sant September 2005, August 2006 and May 2012

Sheona Anderson November 2012

Tim Stevens and Heather – June 2013 workshop and May 2023 CEROC SPRING weekender

Becki Rendell and Dean G May 2014, June 2015 and May 2016 Ceroc Spring Weekender

Gary Moran May 2014 Ceroc Spring Weekender

David Addis May 2014 and June 2018 Ceroc Spring Weekender

Marion Bentley May 2014 Ceroc Spring Weekender

Betty Smith (Kizomba-Bachata style) February 2015

Toni Sails – June 2015 Ceroc Spring Weekender

Steve Thomas – May 2016, May 2017, June 2018 CEROC SPRING weekender

Calum Martindale – May 2017 and June 2018 CEROC SPRING weekender

Dan Hewitt-Green May 2019 CEROC SPRING weekender

Max Rycroft  – May 2019 and May 2023 CEROC SPRING weekender

Dean G – May 2014, June 2015, May 2016 and May 2023 CEROC SPRING weekender

Lyndsey Hill – May 2023 CEROC SPRING weekender